So many projects, so many hats, here are a few of them:

Not So Silent Cinema– In this project I write new scores to classic silent film and tour the films around. Each film features a different configuration of musicians. Things have gotten busy with 4-6 mini-tours a year. See this interview with me about the project on NewTv.

The New River Ensemble– Along with fabulous New York-based clarinetist Martha Hyde, the fabulous Virginian cellist Lisa Liske-Doorandish and myself on piano (and occasionally banjo) the New River Ensemble plays an exciting mix of traditional chamber music and original music.

The Rhinoceri Trio– The band is currently in a period of hiatus since our drummer moved to Brazil (he will be back!). The Rhino trio is a forward-thinking jazz trio which combines original, through-composed pieces with bold rearrangements of classic European piano repertoire.

Shout Chorus Music– This is my website for selling my many compositions for student choral and instrumental ensembles. It am still in the slow process of putting all of my music up there.

Noggin Hill- is a fiddle-banjo-bass trio based in Philly. We do weddings and other events. I play banjo.