music or internet?

August 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

When time is short, as it usually is, I’d rather be playing and teaching music than writing about it online. This must be why my music website is chronically out-dated and a bit of a mess.

Brendan Cooney, piano

In recent news I have been doing a lot of piano teaching. See my website Mt. Airy Piano Lessons. I was recently certified as an official teacher of the Taubman Approach to piano technique through the Golandsky Institute. The Rhinoceri Trio is back in action after a several years of haitus due to our drummer, Gregg Mervine, moving to Brazil for a few years. Noggin Hill is quite busy playing wedding gigs and other private events. I have been honing my stride piano and playing a lot with the Perseverance Jazz Band.  And Not-So-Silent-Cinema is always busy adding new film scores to our repertoire.