Movin’ on…

June 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

In a couple weeks I will be a resident of New York City.

It’s been a busy year in Boston… too busy to keep my site updated. Here’s the year in review:

In the Fall of 2012 I began a monthly silent-film series at the Armory in Sommerville MA. I composed a full-length score each month. It was a great opportunity to try out some ‘new’ films with audiences and to challenge myself to expand my pianist vocabulary. You can see all of the trailers on Not-So-Silent-Cinema. Here’s one of my favorites:

October featured my annual Not-So-Silent-Cinema Halloween Nosferatu tour. We played a bunch of new venues.

The monthly piano-score composing kept me quite busy all year. In the spring I had 2+ runs of Buster Keaton shows.

We had a lot of good press on that run. Here’s the piece the Philly Inquirer ran.

When not playing for the movies I kept busy in other ways. I put a lot of time into working on my stride-piano stylings. There were a lot of gigs at Boston Swing Central. I’ll be uploading some video of those soon.

This summer I’ll be performing a lot of chamber music with the New River Ensemble¬† including the fabulous and challenging D’Indy Clarinet Trio, a 45-minute emotional tour-de-force. Also on the agenda are the Beethoven and Brahms Clarinet Trio plus some original material by Martha Hyde and myself. Needless to say I have been quite busy learning all of those notes. (Thank you Taubman Approach! I never could have tackled this sort of repertoire before studying the Taubman Approach.)

There were other adventures along the way as well. My new wife and I are moving to NYC in a couple weeks. Looking forward to some new adventures there.