Pop Arranging

Dr. Dog

It has been a pleasure collaborating closely with one of Philly’s best rock bands, Dr. Dog, on 3+ albums now. They have certainly come a long way since I was writing pro-bono violin arrangements for “Easy Beat” and recording them in Scott and Zach’s basement. I’ve written both string and brass/wind arrangements for the band. Here are a few cuts of tunes I’m especially pleased with.

Temporary Place Worth My Time Army of Ancients


Rick Berlin
Rick is a Boston institution, a song-writer with dozens of albums, bands and projects behind him. It was a real honor to be asked to take such a big role in his album “Old Stag”. The album consists primarily of Rick singing and playing piano and my string quartet arrangements. Rick recorded all of his piano and voice parts and then sent me a rough mix to compose the string parts over. I was living in Philly at the time and we did all of the discussing/tweaking over the phone. The end result was an intimate, beautiful album that I am quite proud of. It is also a project that we’ve performed live several times. Here are a few of the many great cuts from the project:

The Fan House On Fire Underground


Buried Beds
Buried Beds was one of my first arranging gigs when I moved to Philly. They are a great band whose sound has evolved a lot since these early albums. It was a fun band to write for because they have great tunes and they left me a lot of creative freedom in my arranging. Here are a few of my favorite cuts:

Overture/Insomnia River



O2L is the project of Jane Magini, keyboardist from the TranSiberain Orchestra, and an old bandmate of Rick Berlin’s (also the wife of Al Pitrelli of Alice Cooper and Megadeath). Jane is a ripping pianist with killer chops and a quick musical wit. I met her through my work with Rick Berlin and we collaborated on some of the live performances of his Old Stag album. When she asked me to work on a few tunes for her own project, O2L, I jumped at the chance. Here are a couple tracks from the album “Eat a Pickle”.

Window And Roof Sophie