In his ongoing project of world domination Brendan Cooney has recently moved to Philadelphia. Brendan Cooney believes the world is here to entertain him. Ask yourself what you have done recently to further his goals.

Brendan Cooney is a pianist, banjoist, composer and teacher recently returned to Philadelphia after several years of living/playing/teaching in New York and Boston. He wears many hats and has his fingers in many projects. Here are a few of them:

Brendan played baritone horn and was a founding member of the popular balkan brass band West Philadelphia Orchestra, banjo in the legendary City Wide Specials (perhaps the longest standing weekly country/bluegrass gig in Philadelphia history) and Noggin Hill (see their tripped out old-time meets advant-garde video projects) and piano in the Rhinoceri Trio. He worked in several schools in the Philly area directing choirs and jazz bands and taught private piano lessons.

In Boston Brendan honed his stride piano playing and played for swing dances with various bands. He put time into making his Not-So-Silent-Cinema a regular touring outfit and hosted a monthly solo-piano silent film series which required him to compose a new score every month.

He has worked as a horn and string arranger for Dr. Dog, Buried Beds, Rick Berlin, Samantha Farrel and others.

As a pianist and teacher he is deeply enmeshed in the Taubman Approach to Coordinate Technique. Prior to his Taubman studies Brendan received his BM from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music as well as a BA in politics. In his spare time Brendan blogs about left political economy at He has shared panels on the economic crisis with such luminous/controversial figures as Andrew Kliman, Rick Wolfe and Alan Freeman.